Who’s Hoo?

Hey everyone! I have a piece in this art show tomorrow night.
Come buy art and hang it in your space.


I was just inspired to go on a rant about how much I love Urban Light Studios. Every second Friday of the month, ULS and all of the art galleries in the lower level hang a new art show and open up for you to view, purchase, and meet the artists. This scene is really friendly, colorful, and unique. There are always DJs, snacks, wine, cool people, and art for sale. I always seem to find something I just have to take home, whether it be a small sculpture or a button for my lapel. I really encourage you to make it to Greenwood every second Friday from 6-10pm for the Greenwood Collective showcase in at Urban Light Studios.

For directions check out http://greenwoodcollective.com/

Echo Echo Gallery @Greenwood Collective

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