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So, today is the first day of the life of Thank you for busting out your eyes and putting them on these pages I made for you. I figured now would be a good time to share a story.

"Have a seat." Image by Michael Herr.

Once upon a time, I was a 15 year old woman. (I say “woman” because I was living on my own, working as a nanny in exchange for room & board.) I was a student at Morro Bay High School on the gorgeous central coast of California. There were art classes here and an open campus on the beach. It was a freeing experience from my previous situation in Idaho. In this place, I started to come into my own. I was incredibly influenced by a lot of the friends I made, a group of musicians in this area.  I remember one of the guys my buddies looked up to was a ginger named Andrew Howard-Greene, who now goes by the name, Nero Caesar. I always thought he was kind of aloof and avoided him whenever possible.

The cyborg eye-holes of the word-thief.

About a year ago or so, a close friend of mine, Dylan Harris, in San Luis Obispo started making music and reaching out to a few other talented folks. Nero was one of those people. He and I started to chat and he explained the whole sordid story about why he was…well…kind of a dick back in the day. He seemed to be really reaching out, smiling, connecting, and best of all, creating really good hip hop.

To make a long story short, Nero’s group, Madd Caesar out of San Francisco dropped an album, “The Bar is Open”, featuring a duo I have grown to love, D&A (Dylan Harris and Ashis Clay) from SLO, CA. It is free to download, so I snagged that shit. After giving it a listen (and maybe a dozen or so more ear adventures), I can say to you, please get this. It’s good. I am not a hip hop connoisseur or anything, but this album has rhythm and soul. It makes me shake my ass.

I met up with D&A in June for a photo session. I wanted an excuse to see what they were up to and they were more than willing to get weird for my camera. The excitement in their eyes was obvious. They believe in themselves and have faith in humanity. The intelligent lyrics coming from D&A and their collaborators are something that really appeals to me. Share ideas; let them transform.

Here are some photos from that session. Enjoy!

D&A, PBR decks are for drinking.


Listen to the man. D&A

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  1. It is funny, in part because we are coming up on MBHS’s 10 year reunion, that high school has become such a big and recurring topic on facebook and in way more conversation in the real world with old classmates and other 02 grads. I thought it is noteworthy that there was a student that created a forum that D and I have been involved in for the class of 02 that asked: “What would you tell 15 year old you now knowing what you now know?”. I was blown away by the responses. Most of them centered around feeling alone, alienated, or under-appreciated. A lot of them were revelatory to me: people I thought were dicks (or were effectively that even if unintentionally) were going through rough family stuff, or personal insecurities, health issues, or a wide gamut of disenfranchisement with High School and their peers.

    Growing up is hard for everyone and we are the worst to one another under these circumstances. The outwardly happiest were the saddest, the most confident were the least, the most beautiful felt ugly, etc. A close friend of mine that I talked with about it went through this and it was heart breaking to watch until we graduated and he realized: fuck everyone, this is me, deal with it. Most of us had that moment after High School. If you were lucky you got to find yourself completely earlier than most. I had to move to figure out. San Francisco’s culture, my experiences, and my close friends here are the best things to ever happen to me. I started working in Gang prevention with troubled kids post college as my first job so I got to tell a lot of 15 year olds what I wish someone told me… of course its easy to forget you do not listen at that age to anyone older than 18 and many of your mistakes come from ignoring the advice you are given. A cruel joke that life retains genration after generation.

    The high school was small so for those of us that stood on the outside of the social scene with creative ambitions you had to get… well, creative in finding a place to blossom and grow as an artist. For me going to college starting in 10th grade and hanging out with established local artists that were much older was my door to finding confidence and growing. Dylan was always amazing to me because he had such imagination, intelligence, and the ability to seem comfortable in whatever environment he was in. Nobody doubted he would go on to do dope things, NOBODY. His dad sold me one of my first punk records, it was life altering. We grew up a few blocks apart in Los Osos where you had to invent fun so thats where it all started, inventing. We lived pre-youtube so any information or things you wanted to learn had to be in a book, from a mentor, or seemingly to me miles outside our reach. I always respected him and his insane natural talents. I think those talents are very apparent on this record and in his D&A project, flowbispo, and shit… he can shred on a board too if you dont know! We have both embraced the gift of computers, electronic composition, and blogging like this as a tool to find an audience and work remotely with other artists, it is amazing, I wish we had this level of access and interactivity 14 years ago.

    Madd Caesar’s goal for this record was to get a wide variety of very gifted and motivated people together to create something we could all dig and create an interconnected community of talent that can disseminate across state and national lines all our blood, sweat, and tears. Check out for a bagillion new projects coming your way soon with many talented artists. It is my pleasure to be blessed with such a pool of talent to collaborate with, my partner in crime Madd Hatter above all. Our friendship started to solidify years back. When our projects ended we got together and Madd Caesar was born. We have a record we collaborated with Satellite High for coming out in January, the first single (Out NOW FREE) features another SLO legend and one of two dudes that gave me my start and motivate me to step my game up every day: Jon?Doe. Next on the docket are collabs with Cyph4 (SF), Vic Freeze (Ohio), Purple Team (Oakland), and singles and videos for Paulie Rhyme (San Mateo), Rey resureccion (SJ), Solis Cin (SJ), and many more. The engine is running full steam and if you guys enjoy the bar is open it only gets better! My eternal gratitude for the endorsement of the record and our talks. Your photographs and your adventures continue to be an inspiration.

    Slainte: Nero

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