The Bar is Open

So, today is the first day of the life of Thank you for busting out your eyes and putting them on these pages I made for you. I figured now would be a good time to share a story.

"Have a seat." Image by Michael Herr.

Once upon a time, I was a 15 year old woman. (I say “woman” because I was living on my own, working as a nanny in exchange for room & board.) I was a student at Morro Bay High School on the gorgeous central coast of California. There were art classes here and an open campus on the beach. It was a freeing experience from my previous situation in Idaho. In this place, I started to come into my own. I was incredibly influenced by a lot of the friends I made, a group of musicians in this area.  I remember one of the guys my buddies looked up to was a ginger named Andrew Howard-Greene, who now goes by the name, Nero Caesar. I always thought he was kind of aloof and avoided him whenever possible.

The cyborg eye-holes of the word-thief.

About a year ago or so, a close friend of mine, Dylan Harris, in San Luis Obispo started making music and reaching out to a few other talented folks. Nero was one of those people. He and I started to chat and he explained the whole sordid story about why he was…well…kind of a dick back in the day. He seemed to be really reaching out, smiling, connecting, and best of all, creating really good hip hop.

To make a long story short, Nero’s group, Madd Caesar out of San Francisco dropped an album, “The Bar is Open”, featuring a duo I have grown to love, D&A (Dylan Harris and Ashis Clay) from SLO, CA. It is free to download, so I snagged that shit. After giving it a listen (and maybe a dozen or so more ear adventures), I can say to you, please get this. It’s good. I am not a hip hop connoisseur or anything, but this album has rhythm and soul. It makes me shake my ass.

I met up with D&A in June for a photo session. I wanted an excuse to see what they were up to and they were more than willing to get weird for my camera. The excitement in their eyes was obvious. They believe in themselves and have faith in humanity. The intelligent lyrics coming from D&A and their collaborators are something that really appeals to me. Share ideas; let them transform.

Here are some photos from that session. Enjoy!

D&A, PBR decks are for drinking.


Listen to the man. D&A