Previously Unreleased

Aaaaand here is your picture of the day!

It is no secret that I have an enormous archive of unreleased images. Why? I take a lot of photos. Since Fedora’s Box is such a personal project to me, and a labor of love, the images I create for it often don’t get seen for years. And, even then, they are only available to members of Fedoras Box. I hope self-exploration and nude women do not offend you. I find the process of learning to love myself started with stripping away my preconceived notions of beauty and self. By stripping the makeup, the clothing, the pretense, I was free to explore the world with new, loving eyes.

(Photo of Fedora  by Isaac Suttell in LA, CA, USA)

This compelled me to photograph other women’s journeys of finding self-love and exploration. Thus, I have a treasure chest of naked ladies called Fedoras Box.

Here is an image I edited today of Rocket as part of a series I call, “Lady of the Trees”.

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