Who’s Hoo?

Hey everyone! I have a piece in this art show tomorrow night.
Come buy art and hang it in your space.


I was just inspired to go on a rant about how much I love Urban Light Studios. Every second Friday of the month, ULS and all of the art galleries in the lower level hang a new art show and open up for you to view, purchase, and meet the artists. This scene is really friendly, colorful, and unique. There are always DJs, snacks, wine, cool people, and art for sale. I always seem to find something I just have to take home, whether it be a small sculpture or a button for my lapel. I really encourage you to make it to Greenwood every second Friday from 6-10pm for the Greenwood Collective showcase in at Urban Light Studios.

For directions check out http://greenwoodcollective.com/

Echo Echo Gallery @Greenwood Collective

Ok Seattle! A huge selection of the mustache panties I make for my ‘Stache Wear line, along with tank tops and Strong Women calendars, are available to you at a rad shop in Greenwood called Tasty. Go there and touch my panties. Then put them on and be merry. They will only be there until March 10th as a part of an all-female art showcase happening at Tasty. Tasty, go there.

Angie, Anna, and Sara rocking some 'Stache Wear panties

“Stir Crazy”

Gawddddamn! This video is so FN weird! First, it’s all “Seattle Snow” and sledding; then, some freaky chick starts dancing in her underwear to dubstep like she’s in some white trash music video. Holy Shite! I kind of want to hate this, but all of my being is telling me that The Force wants me to LOVE THE POOP RIGHT OUT OF THIS concoction of going “nutso in the winter” vlogs juxtaposed with nature’s unexpected frozen bounties of “I don’t have to work today; look, I painted my face.”

End of the World? Not yet!

After an epic camp down the coast turned throat-sore and sick, a week-and-a-half of hacking up last year’s smoker lung, quitting that habit, again, and waking up to my computer for the first time in weeks…I am left with this overwhelming feeling of “Where the hell do I start?”

Contemplating the future amongst the wonder of the Oregon coast.

Oh, I know! How about I show you the FIRST EVER TEASER from the Belly Boys calendar that has been flying out of my ever-loving hands, signed, numbered, and sexified with all my love for the underbelly of masculine artwork in America?

Mr. September with his bowl of stroganoff

Need more incentive to obtain this masterpiece? As if twelve amazing images of men who inspire the world around them compiled into one limited edition package wasn’t enough, consider if you will, that this art piece is good for practical use for one full year. It is non-denomenational so everyone can enjoy turing the months, and I have included lots and lots of lesser-known bizarre celebrations of food and form throughout the year of 2012 that you can see no where else. If the prophecies are right, then this could very well be the last calendar you ever purchase. Cherish it. I traveled the USA for a year to create this.  Twenty bucks never flew so proud.

Grab a spoon and dig in! Purchase here sans all the PayPal and Esty fees.

Don’t think I am letting the boys off so easy. Another box of Stong Women calendars just landed on my front porch. Let’s find these ladies a new home. It is my most loved passion to celebrate the people who inspire our communities to grow, share, be bold, take charge, and LIVE OUT LOUD. These women are like no others you will ever meet or gaze upon. Don’t let their beauty be the only thing you realize to be true of these women; please take this invitation to learn more about the individuals I selected for this compilation of insightful, talented, couragous women. Now that I have a store of my own, free from Facebook and Etsy censorship, I can let these images reign!

How's that for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Reward these ladies for their bravery by showing them you have what it takes to celebrate Stong Women by hanging this 12 month, signed, numbered, limited edition 2012 calendar on your wall.

I have many more stories and collaborations to share with you, but this will end my transmission for today. Go get em, tiger!

Freedom Tour


I am going on tour! I hereby will attempt to achieve the challenge of not packing a single bra for this upcoming adventure. We’ll call it the Freedom Tour.

by Nathan Appel for Fedora's Box

You are invited because
a) you are awesome
b) you may want to meet up to talk about art, make some art, collaborate, or share a meal.
… c) you may have a friend that would like to meet up with me to talk about art, create something, collaborate, or share a meal.
d) you might want me to read you a bedtime story and sleep on your couch, (especially the couch part.)

I plan to tour several cities from Seattle, down the coast, and then east, with the longest stay in Austin. I want to see what that place is all about.

A new year, a new day, a new light, a new way…

I want to see, meet, be photographed by, take pictures of, and interview as many artists as possible (video, audio, still, prose) while on this adventurous journey. A lot of the stories I gather on this trip and reviews/articles that I write as a result will end up being published on Fedoraelmorro.com or in some other capacity, whether online or in print, locally or internationally. Paying gigs are more than welcome, but I am mostly wanting to start a new year with a creative and enlightening experience.

I will be bringing some weird wardrobe, more tattoos, awesome hair (thanks Nina), a portable studio of professional camera gear, calendars, prints, and a huge bundle of inspiration.

Let’s get together!

I am open to travel guests for all or any legs of the trip! Models who can wield a camera or photographers who want to model who want to be travel buddies would rock!

Even if you have a couch to offer or would like to camp in the desert with me, just say so.

Dates and Locations: subject to change a little. I am still in the early booking stages. Help me fluff this baby out. By all means, if you know someone who you think I should meet or is not on this list, add em.

January 2012:

2 Eugene/Meford, OR
3 SF/ Grass Valley
4 SLO, CA: Tom Allen, Seth Howard
5 SLO, CA: Brittany App
6 LA: Coop. Solomon. Audra. Urbago. Meet up at the Black Boar in Eagle Rock
7 Las Vegas. CJW and Photo Bang Bang
8 Albequerque or somewhere on the way to Austin
9 Austin
10 Austin. Snap Art evening.
11 Austin
12 Houston: Tobias. Bilito.
13 head west
15 Phoenix/Mesa. Em Uh Lee & Elfy
16 head north
17 Winnemucca/Fresno
19 Seattle

I cannot wait to see you, hear from you, and make videos so you can come along vicariously!


The Route