I love you. That is all.

Things are really coming together over here at FedoraelMorro.com and I could not be more excited. I feel like a little kid bouncing on the bed exclaiming, “I have so many friends you have to meet and things you have to see! Thanks for coming over! Want a beer?”

I have so much love for those folks that have been giving me their unbridled opinions of me, my work, my nakedness, my tattoos and “Dontcha know those things are permanent?!”. Truly, for the most part, there are those that come forth to tell me that I inspire them to be better (thanks Liz). Or that I have the eye (Thanks Anji). Or that my talent has no bounds (You are too sweet, Henry.)

How is a girl supposed to respond to that? I feel sort of speechless, but it would have to be an act of God for me to stop talking, sharing, observing, and participating.

I love you. That is all.

once, in a Ho-Jo in Redding, California....

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