Freedom Tour


I am going on tour! I hereby will attempt to achieve the challenge of not packing a single bra for this upcoming adventure. We’ll call it the Freedom Tour.

by Nathan Appel for Fedora's Box

You are invited because
a) you are awesome
b) you may want to meet up to talk about art, make some art, collaborate, or share a meal.
… c) you may have a friend that would like to meet up with me to talk about art, create something, collaborate, or share a meal.
d) you might want me to read you a bedtime story and sleep on your couch, (especially the couch part.)

I plan to tour several cities from Seattle, down the coast, and then east, with the longest stay in Austin. I want to see what that place is all about.

A new year, a new day, a new light, a new way…

I want to see, meet, be photographed by, take pictures of, and interview as many artists as possible (video, audio, still, prose) while on this adventurous journey. A lot of the stories I gather on this trip and reviews/articles that I write as a result will end up being published on or in some other capacity, whether online or in print, locally or internationally. Paying gigs are more than welcome, but I am mostly wanting to start a new year with a creative and enlightening experience.

I will be bringing some weird wardrobe, more tattoos, awesome hair (thanks Nina), a portable studio of professional camera gear, calendars, prints, and a huge bundle of inspiration.

Let’s get together!

I am open to travel guests for all or any legs of the trip! Models who can wield a camera or photographers who want to model who want to be travel buddies would rock!

Even if you have a couch to offer or would like to camp in the desert with me, just say so.

Dates and Locations: subject to change a little. I am still in the early booking stages. Help me fluff this baby out. By all means, if you know someone who you think I should meet or is not on this list, add em.

January 2012:

2 Eugene/Meford, OR
3 SF/ Grass Valley
4 SLO, CA: Tom Allen, Seth Howard
5 SLO, CA: Brittany App
6 LA: Coop. Solomon. Audra. Urbago. Meet up at the Black Boar in Eagle Rock
7 Las Vegas. CJW and Photo Bang Bang
8 Albequerque or somewhere on the way to Austin
9 Austin
10 Austin. Snap Art evening.
11 Austin
12 Houston: Tobias. Bilito.
13 head west
15 Phoenix/Mesa. Em Uh Lee & Elfy
16 head north
17 Winnemucca/Fresno
19 Seattle

I cannot wait to see you, hear from you, and make videos so you can come along vicariously!

The Route

4 thoughts on “Freedom Tour

  1. Hi Fedora,

    I’m in Austin – I play with photography. If you want to say hi, I’d love to hear from you. My website got hacked a while back and I haven’t put up anything new yet, but I do have old stuff up at Model Mayhem

    Oh and I do have a big couch. 🙂 Although I just moved and my place is kind of a wreck, but if that doesn’t bother you. You’d be welcome to a night or two on it.

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