As a new day turns is page, my heart swells with the happiness I feel every time I get to my desk, all naked with coffee in hand and a puppy snuggling at my feet. This is my new home, my central home; this is the place where everything “Fedora” will live.

  1. Fedora’s Box had an update!
  2. I am #5 Best Photographer in the Best of Western Washington competition hosted by King 5 (local TV).
  3. New photos up on BlueBlood.com
  4. or maybe you’d like to attend an event where lots of fine art from Fedora’s Box is being displayed.
  5. This is where I get to talk about the amazing folks I work with. Gage Academy, Coop, Hollis Ireland, and so many more will grace these pages.

This site is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and is not intended for children. Consider this a forum to share and indulge without the costly membership, without the lame status updates of your acquaintances, and with all the boobs Facebook has been missing.

This new venue, Fedoraelmorro.com will be the newspaper of my present and our future. Subscribe and check back often!

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