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Fedora el Morro
I am a dreamer, a person with passion for all odd curiosities, love, and visceral experience. After many years of traveling through space and time, meeting tens of thousands of creatures and with a few decades of education and observation, I feel more rooted than ever before…which really means I feel comfortable waving my camera/tits around in the breeze, unafraid of anything. The guilt of feeling free is fleeting and thankfully melting off of me, just like my clothes. I have substance and my growth is snowballing before my very eyes. I put love-sap all over the faces of the people I meet, their fucking cars, their sexism, and the molds that have been made for the women of Earth. I inject my sap like a leech farm, co-existing with the world’s filth, knowing full well the beauty in our ideas will prevail over the environment that shaped our concepts of love and feminism. It won’t be a big effort; like all things, it just is…energy.

It’s like they said in that one movie, “Americans know entertainment, but they know nothing of pleasure….the sweetness of doing nothing.”

Some thing is always spinning circles, with the world, turning. I see you through my viewfinder, swirling around, writhing out of control like a flurry of wind and leaves. I want to take you out of your bulletproof pajamas and into the streets so we can dance to the beat of the trees. Some times, though, I wish you’d just sit with me, calmly depicting the scents in the air. It would glorify your sense of relief.
Nothing ends while we remember to breathe; it transforms.

My heart digs deeper into myself and your stories…my love for you is sort of a prism by now, existing in some tesseract dimension. Once in awhile, my inspiration comes raining all over your senses. It starts to dive and gain momentum; transformative ideas flying straight down your throat.

My love is intense.
My soul is hungry.
My eyes are thirsty.

Hi, my name is Fedora.

So, what’s your story?

Phone: 620.388.1925