Sometimes when I really yearn for the future
I learn hard truths about the past.

The time went by so fast.

I thought I’d never bow to a man
Then I found one that humbles me.

I watched my mother dote on assholes.
I am constantly trying to get ahead

We don’t make the money we used to.
Lots of money lost to feeding my head.

So strong these days to resist the men’s gross gazing
Ready to stand tall and make them red.

I used to let them in my bed.

(Photo by Mother Ghost Photography)

The Art of Losing You


Every time I awake
in the basking sun
I lounge, look over,
and mourn your absence

The art of losing you
is a daily battle
reminds me of putting the milk bowl down
for the dog that died last month

I offer my morning to your warmth
but you are long gone
a fading memory


All images created by Fedora el Morro for