I Once Dreamed of Freedom

I Once Dreamed of Freedom

I once was a child
who dreamed of freedom
so, I chose to be free.

I took my mind
and opened it up
like a flower in the sun
awaiting pollination.

I took my heartbreak
from shatters on the floor
and made a
stained glass window
for the outside to shine through.

I spend my time
shaping my body
and fortifying my tissue
so that I could always
have the strength to run to you.

Poem by Fedora el Morro
Images of Fedora by Reed Carpenter and Isaac Suttell for Fedora’s Box.

You are what you eat.

I feel like stupid things
are happening to stupid people
but it’s hypocritical
to point it out.

In my time
I have seen
that shit happens
but it all evens out.

The more you know
and try to achieve
the more you feel
showered with blessings.

You are what you eat
and accompany
those you attract

Try to listen & learn
before you react.

-Written by Fedora el Morro
-Images created by Fedora el Morro, Mother Ghost Photography, Reed Carpenter, and one carrot.